Mountain Dew- The Absolute Worst Soda


So many sodas are bad for people that it is hard to choose the worst soda for you. Most of them are packed with sugar and calories. Some even have excessive amounts of caffeine.

The worst soda for you is probably Mountain Dew. It has more caffeine than any of the sodas. That makes it very addictive. Add that to the sugar and it is a recipe for rotting teeth and over consumption.

It is frightening how many children in the U.S. present with rotted out teeth from Mountain Dew addiction. They probably are attracted to the caffeine boost, which will give them almost manic energy.

Couple that with all the sugar and it is a recipe for disaster. These children rot their teeth out with Mountain Dew. Even when mobile dentists give them new teeth, they just run back to Mountain Dew for another fix. Unfortunately, it is easier for these children to get dentures than to change their drinking habits.