A Special Message From Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait

I am running for Re-Election for Mayor of Anaheim for very straightforward reasons: I love our community and think it deserves the best city government possible.

I believe that government is best when it focuses on freedom.

Here in Anaheim, we have experienced the benefits of freedom within government that I launched nearly twelve years ago, when I had the honor of serving as an Anaheim City Councilman. I have strengthened those freedoms as your Mayor.

As Mayor, I continue to promise to build on that foundation: the fundamentals of freedom that are the basis of good government. The key to good government is focusing on the fundamentals. We know that our children get the best education in schools that focus on the fundamentals.

So it is with government. When government overreaches its fundamental purposes and intrudes into areas of life in which it has no business, it becomes bigger, more expensive, more intrusive and less effective.

During the last several years, the City of Anaheim has made great strides in establishing policies that respect individual freedom and free enterprise, and that focus on the core reasons we have local government: securing our property rights, ensuring we’re safe in our homes and neighborhoods, maintaining good streets and roads, and providing quality public services like parks and recreation.

The best way to secure these goals is to not only keep moving forward on the road to less government and greater liberty, but to also foster stronger ties between neighbors and neighborhoods, between citizens and city hall, and cultivate a strong commitment of kindness to others.

I have been blessed in this life. This past May, my wife Julie and I celebrated our 32nd year of marriage.  Together we have raised our four  children right here in Anaheim. I am president of a successful environmental cleanup business. The voters of Anaheim have honored me by twice electing me to represent them on the city council and in 2010 as their Mayor. I am running for re-election to serve my fellow citizens of Anaheim by making our community the most prosperous and kindest city in the state.

I humbly ask for your help and your vote.